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Tariff Pricing Takes Effect September 16

How the Tariffs Impact You

The buzz about tariffs has been building for months – now we finally have answers.  Zebra and Honeywell have both issued statements to their partners about how they will be handling the tariffs. We want you to know what is coming so we can all prepare for impending changes. As of today, this is how the tariffs will impact you.

Messaging from Zebra

September 3rd Update

Dear Partner:

Zebra continues to closely monitor government policy as it relates to tariffs with China. As you know, the products impacted, and the tariff percentages mandated are fluid based on government and trade implications. Zebra employees at all levels, and across all organizations, including our Executive Leadership team continue to work hard to minimize the impact for you and your customers.

Although current U.S. tariffs rates are as high as 30% on various goods imported from China, Zebra list price increases resulting from these tariffs remain significantly lower. As an added benefit, and, to provide consistency and predictability in our pricing, we continue to honor all previously approved price concessions and have avoided additional surcharges or fees on our products.

Recently, the U.S. Government announced that tariffs on Mobile Computers with cellular connectivity will be delayed. Therefore, the 5% list price increase on the following Zebra products will be delayed until December 16, 2019: 

  • ET55X Tablets, both Windows and Android OS
  • ET56X Windows OS Tablets (WIN in Product Sub Family)
  • MC67XX and MC67-KIT KAT
  • TC25XX, TC56XX, TC57XX, TC75X, TC77X
  • M60 (formerly Xplore) Mobile Computers


The remaining list price increases announced on August 2, 2019 are still scheduled to take effect on September 16, 2019: 

  • All Printers – 2.5%
  • Selected Mobile Computers and Tablets with Wireless LAN connectivity – 5%
  • Selected legacy Microsoft OS Mobile Computers – 10%


This increase is a combination of tariff impacts and increased costs from component and manufacturing partners and will help ensure continued availability during migration or transition from Legacy Microsoft OS products to alternative Zebra Android products

This content is sourced from a Zebra Technologies email sent to partners on 9/3/19 | View Full Statement

August 16th

Dear Partner:

Zebra continues to closely monitor government policy as it relates to tariffs with China. In the most recent announcement, the United States government imposed new tariffs on certain goods imported from China that are either sold or shipped to the U.S. These tariffs will be ten percent (10%) commencing on September 1, 2019. As a result, Zebra will raise prices on the following products effective September 16, 2019:

  • List prices on all Printers (including RFID) will be increased by 2.5%
  • List prices for Mobile Computers in the following families and sub-families will be increased by 5%
    • ET50X and ET55X Tablet, both Windows and Android OS
    • ET51X and ET56X Windows OS Tablets (WIN in Product Sub Family)
    • MC33 and MC33XXG and MC33XXR Mobile Computers
    • MC18XX, MC67XX and MC67-KIT KAT
    • PS20XX Personal Shoppers
    • TC20XX, TC25XX, TC51XX, TC52XX, TC56XX, TC57XX, TC72X, TC75X, TC77X, TC80XX
    • VC80XX, VC80XX-ADR and VC83XX Vehicle Mount Mobile Computers
    • WT60XX Wearable Computers
    • RS40XX, RS5000-WT6, RS5000-WT41 and RS60XX Ring Scanners
    • M60 (formerly Xplore) Mobile Computers
    • SmartDEX Solutions


  • List prices for legacy Mobile Computers in the following families and sub-families will be increased by 10%
    • MC21XX, MC32XX, MC32XXG, MC55AX, MC55X0 and MC92NX
    • WT41N0 Wearable Computers
    • VC70XX and VH10 Vehicle Mount Mobile Computers


  • There are no list price changes to any of the following products or services:
    • MC93XXG Mobile Computers
    • TC83XX Touch Computers
    • Tablets in the B10, Bobcat, D10, F5M, L10, R12 or XC6 families
    • ET51X and ET56X Android OS Tablets (DROID in Product Sub Family)
    • RS419 or RS50X Ring Scanners
    • SB1 Smart Badge Wearable Devices
    • WAP 4 Mobile Computers
    • Zebra OneCare or Services
    • Barcode Scanners and Data Capture
    • Fixed RFID Readers
    • Aftermarket Parts
    • Accessories (changes were communicated separately per earlier tariff increases)
    • Software
    • Printing Supplies
    • Location Solutions
    • Any product or services not specifically noted above in this notification


This content is sourced from a Zebra Technologies email sent to partners on 8/16/19 | View Full Statement

Messaging from Honeywell

August 21st

Dear Valued Partner,

Over the last 12 months, the United States has experienced a tumultuous trade climate, specifically with products manufactured in China. Recognizing this, Honeywell took immediate actions to optimize our supply chain and relocate outside of China.

Given these proactive steps, we are pleased to announce that Honeywell WILL NOT be making any changes to the list price of our products as a result of the recent List 4 imposed tariffs announced by the USTR.

At a time when many other industry players are raising prices by as much as 10%, Honeywell is maintaining current pricing for our valued channel partners, enabling you to:

  • Maintain current pricing for your customers
  • Preserve your company’s profitability
  • Make more money selling Honeywell solutions


As a reminder, Honeywell has transitioned manufacturing from China to Mexico for a large number of products. Products manufactured in Mexico are denoted with an “N” in the part number. These products are identical to “the non-N” versions in all aspects including specifications and performance. The only difference is the manufacturing location.

This content is sourced from a Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions email sent to partners on 8/21/19 | View Full Statement

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