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Shipment Verification with Dock Door RFID Technology

Tracking where it counts; the point of Entry and Exit.

Industrial RFID portals with Fixed Readers for Shipment Verification: Shipping and Receiving


RFID Dock Door Applications

Using RFID at entry and exit portals can create an efficient automated tracking system to capture real-time data from several key intervals in the supply chain process such as the beginning of the product lifecycle site, to the cross-dock logistics facility and then to the retail stores. By using an RFID Dock Door solution, facilities will have accurate and instant visibility of the assets and products being transported.

There are many ways to achieve 99.9% Track and Trace Accuracy with Dock Door RFID Solutions. Though requirements may vary by facility, generally your organization will need to start with the following base strategy.

Setting up your assets/products with RFID tags: RFID tags are attached to the asset or product you are looking to track.


Positioning reads/scans at appropriate stages: Tags are scanned and processed at key intervals in the supply chain. They feed real-time track and trace information to the cloud.


Cloud-Based Integration or Stand-Alone: By using the cloud that is integrated, mobile workers can retrieve information and also capture data on RFID-enabled devices to scan tags and complete orders that will then be sent back through the cloud to trigger alerts or notifications within your current business systems.


Methods for reads/scans:

  • RFID portals at entry or exit doors will read tags in seconds with 100% read rate

  • Entry and Exit will be read-only when going through and not upon approach

  • Adjacent dock door has separate ‘cross reads’

  • Optional Handheld rugged devices provide each mobile worker the scanning capability to process information

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AB&R®’s Solution Process

System Design

Phase I | System Design

During this phase our experts will:

Visit your location to learn more about your specific business requirements and conduct a professional site survey. Test various hardware and tags/labels to identify those that will provide you with your desired outcome. Upon completion of a site survey, we will develop and deliver a comprehensive Solutions Requirement Design Study (SRDS) document that details our recommendations for the best products and services that address your specific requirements.

Qualification Pilot

Phase II | Qualification Pilot

This phase includes the following:

Acquisition of selected equipment, software, supplies and services (as appropriate). Installation, operation and the collection of performance qualification data for the recommended solution.


Phase III | Implementation

Our final phase includes:

Installation, documentation, training and ongoing testing and performance evaluations of your equipment, software, and services into your production environment. Quarterly Business Review meetings to discuss progress to date, outstanding issues that may need further assistance, and ways to further maximize your return on investment.