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Asset Tracking & Management

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Enterprise Asset Tracking (RFID)

Enterprise asset tracking (RFID) is designed to help businesses eliminate inefficiencies caused by the inability to locate assets or mobile work tools that directly affect profitability. With AB&R’s® Enterprise solution businesses are able to detect and record information when assets are checked in and out of storage rooms or warehouse locations, along with the employee involved in the transaction via intuitive dashboards and reports.



  • 99% accuracy in managing assets
  • 80% accelerated reaction time by eliminating time wasted on locating assets
  • 40% reduction on the loss of equipment and underutilized assets
  • Get an immediate Return on Investment by providing real-time visibility on assets can reduce management costs, avoid duplicate purchases, minimize the number of “lost” assets, ensure timely replacement of damaged or missing equipment and avoid unnecessary replacement expenses.
  • A sophisticated authentication and authorization mechanism based on employee roles, locations, and asset types. The secure asset tracking solution appliances are deployed at a single or multiple geographic locations to present a unique view of the company’s global asset pools through the Global Track and Trace network.
  • Easy to configure and customize. Wireless handhelds or fixed barcodes and RFID readers, RTLS active tags, and touch screens can be deployed at key locations to allow real-time commissioning, check-in, check-out, tracking and inventory of assets.

This solution helps us create such an environment by providing the capability to collect, analyze, correlate, and act upon edge device and applications data in a highly adaptive, real-time environment.
- Bryan Dods, Senior Manager Aerostructures Manufacturing

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