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AB&R®’s Solution Process

The path to success starts with the AB&R® Proven Solution Process

Solving challenges and making it easier for you to meet Automatic Identification and Data Collection (AIDC) requirements is our priority. Our solution services start by defining your business’ need. Once that is determined, the solution process is delivered in multiple phases.

Solving challenges and making it work for your business is our #1 priority.

AB&R®’s Solution Process

System Design

Phase I

Solution Design

During this phase our experts will:

  • Visit your location to learn more about your specific requirements & conduct a professional site survey.
  • Test & validate various hardware, software and tags/labels to identify ones that will achieve your desired outcome.
  • Develop & deliver our Solution Design Specification (SDS), proving our recommendations and detailing the process we will use to achieve them.
  • Provide, for your approval, onsite test validation results and solution component budgeting costs to verify that our recommendations meet your criteria.
Qualification Pilot

Phase II

Solution Implementation

During the second phase our experts will:

  • With your agreement, acquire selected equipment, software, supplies and services from the SDS. We will install, configure & calibrate to ensure the solution works to your expectations, before training your team.
  • With your acceptance, meet your expectations for installation, configuration, transition, validation, and support by delivering on data-driven expectations for performance and quality of the implemented solution.


Customer Experience

Continued communications will include:

  • Customer feedback requests on your experience with AB&R – we want it to be the best experience.
  • Quarterly Business Review meetings to discuss progress, success, outstanding issues that may need further assistance, and ways to further maximize your return on your investment.

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AB&R®’s goal is to provide you with an efficient operation that maximizes ROI. Our solution process has been refined over the years to ensure we keep this promise for every customer.


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