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RFID Asset Tracking for Inspection Equipment – Defense Company Case Study

[quote]The reduction of manual inventory, expensive labor searches, and the improvement of laboratory movement updates has already paid for this system. We cannot wait to deploy to our other divisions.”Butch S., Quality Assurance Lead[/quote]

Background & Challenge

IT asset tracking has always represented a challenging task for companies faced with the high costs of equipment and maintenance. CIOs and IT Managers are under increased pressure for visibility of the growing pool of valuable mobile tools critical to their business processes. Strong IT asset tracking systems prevent losses, increase tool utilization, and protect company confidentiality. AB&R has been working with RFID and IT Asset tracking  solutions providing proven solutions for many years and we were ready when a major American defense contractor came to us for a solution to track their inspection equipment using RFID.


The enterprise RFID asset tracking solution provides a sophisticated authentication and authorization mechanism based on employee roles, locations and asset types. The secure asset tracking solution appliances are deployed at single or multiple geographic locations to present a unique view of the company’s global IT asset pools through the network.  New IT asset types with specific attributes are created through a flexible asset configurator to provide a highly customizable way to track and report on asset usage.

The IT asset tracking application network solution is unique in its ability to bring real-time tracking to corporate assets using RFID, Wi-Fi or traditional barcode technologies. Our IT asset tracking solution can be rapidly deployed in a single location to demonstrate, control and measure your return on assets.


  • 91% reduction of manual inventory
  • Increase production time of engineers not looking for equipment
  • 73% less unallocated assets written off
  • 91% asset inventory labor reduction
  • 57% improvement of lab movement updates
  • No need to purchase new test equipment








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