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How to Fix the Red Light Error

One of the most common errors users of Zebra’s TLP2824 label printer receive is the red light around the green feed button. This is typically a result of the print ribbon being improperly loaded, as illustrated by the images below. The steps below walk through how to fix the red light error and the video demonstrates the proper way to load the print ribbon in the TLP2824.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  • Turn power off to the printer. The power switch is located on the right hand side of the printer towards the back.
  • Open printer and locate the BLACK mechanism located in the top outside cover of the printer. Before the BLACK mechanism drops down, locate the YELLOW line on the underside. If the ink ribbon is routed correctly you should only see the ends of the YELLOW line. IF YOU SEE THE ENTIRE YELLOW LINE, THE INK RIBBON IS ROUTED INCORRECTLY!
  • Once you have verified the ink ribbon is routed correctly, let the BLACK mechanism drop down from top cover. You will see two rolls of ink ribbon. The back roll (furthest away from you) is the supply roll. Verify that there is plenty of ink ribbon on the supply roll. The front roll (closest to you) is the spent ribbon take up roll. If the supply roll has very little or no ribbon, you are out and need to install a new ink ribbon. DO NOT THROW EMPTY CARDBOARD CORE AWAY! YOU WILL NEED TO USE IT FOR THE TAKE UP ROLL IN THE FRONT.
  • Locate the notches on the left hand side of the cardboard tube, that the ink ribbon is wound around. Verify that the notches are lined up with the teeth on the cone shaped mechanism that the roll of ribbon rides on. Once the notches and the teeth are lined up, gently slide it to the left to lock it into place on the teeth. PERFORM THIS PROCEDURE ON BOTH THE SUPPLY ROLL AND AND SPENT RIBBON TAKE UP ROLL.

With ink ribbon and labels installed correctly close lid on printer and turn the power back on. Verify that you have a green light around green feed button. Press the green button three times. The printer will feed out blank labels when the green feed button is pressed. If three labels feed out without the light turning red, continue by printing a labels as usual.