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Comprehensive Advanced Data Capture – Bluetooth® 2D Imager Motorola DS6878

Eliminates the need to purchase multiple types of devices — captures 1D, 2D, and PDF417 barcodes.
Optional hands-free presentation cradle enables additional advanced data capture capabilities, including signatures, images of documents such as driver’s licenses and insurance cards, photographs, OCR for the capture of printed text, and MICR for automated capture of check-related data and conversion of check-based transactions to electronic paperless debit transactions.

Download DS6878 Specifications Sheet


  • Rugged Design to withstand 6ft drops to concrete
  • SE4500 Imager eliminates the performance degradation common in 2D scanning
  • Cordless, Bluetooth®
  • Remote Scanner Management Ready
  • Lightweight with Flexible and Horizontal mounting options

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