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RFID Mustering Technology

You can never be too prepared

Every day, millions of Americans leave the safety of their homes and go to your facility for work. Emergencies in the workplace are uncommon, but when an emergency arises, your employees expect you to have solid emergency procedures in place.


The fact is, most workplaces do have some emergency response and access control system in place. Depending on the size of your company, you may have an informal plan posted around the office, or you may have a fully automated system in place.


When it comes to keeping your employees safe, every facility should have a well-documented process. The advancements in RFID technology are providing businesses with scalable safety measures that are being used to aid in emergencies, evacuation, and mustering.

Emergency Situations

Depending on your geographic location, natural disasters such as tornadoes, flash floods, and wildfires can pose a significant danger to your facility. Check out this article to ready how RFID mustering technology was used during the Alberta Wildfire. Another situation is man-made disasters, such as a building fire or toxic release that prompts for an immediate evacuation.


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recommends that all companies have one emergency warden for every 20 employees[1]. These wardens are responsible for sweeping a building during an evacuation and are the last person to leave when there’s an emergency. This person is also responsible for making sure employees meet at the mustering (or safe zone) area.


RFID mustering technology takes the guesswork out of the evacuation management process, and it’s pretty simple to explain. First, all of your employees would have an employee ID badge with RFID technology. Your facility would have RFID readers placed in and around your facility, which would be hooked up to software. If an emergency or evacuation occurs, the system can be used to determine in real-time how many employees evacuated, and how many remain inside your building.

Access Control

Do you know who is entering and exiting your building? Not only do access control systems aid in the emergency management and mustering process, but it also helps protect your facility from unauthorized access.


Access control technology provides layered protection, which means you have full control of your facility. You can fully customize access to individual rooms, employees, time of day access, and much more. Plus, access control data is logged in the event you need to see who accessed a specific part of your facility.

The right components for access control:

Customizable RFID Inventory and Asset Tracking

Our comprehensive system to track and manage assets has fully integrated modules for passive and active RFID technology, calibration, kitting, inventory, service, reports, alerts, mapping and more. It is highly scalable and leverages the latest in RFID and wireless capabilities.

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AB&R®’s Solution Process

Site Survey & SRDS

Phase I

In Phase I, AB&R® experts analyze your operation and environment to begin developing a solution. It starts with a site survey which allows our team to understand exactly where your pain points lie. Once the site survey is complete, we move into the System Requirement & Design Study (SRDS). During the SRDS our technical team will determine exactly what hardware and software work best in your environment. In this sample SRDS, we examine a proposed solution for a company that wants to better track their fabrication employee’s progress. The current system has them manually entering updates.


Phase II

Once all the data is gathered from Phase I, the pilot phase can begin. At this point, our team of engineers will begin placing and testing equipment. As the solution is tested, more data accumulates, and our team will make the adjustments to achieve the expected outcome.


Phase III

The problem has been assessed, a solution has been developed, and rigorously tested. We are ready for Phase III, full implementation. This includes installing all of the hardware, wiring, software, and training your team to comfortably handle all of the new tools they’ll be using on a regular basis. AB&R® provides future follow up strategies to validate the performance of the solution and evaluation of ROI.