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Our story begins in 1980

AB&R® (American Barcode and RFID) is the leader in IoT solutions. Serving businesses from across all industries with advanced technology to identify, track, and manage inventory and assets throughout the supply chain. Solutions and services include product identification with high-performance printing and compliance labeling, health and safety through real-time visibility and traceability, and managing all solutions from preventative maintenance to software support. With over 39 years as a trusted expert in technical innovation, performance, and cost-effectiveness, AB&R’s solutions improve efficiency and productivity that transforms companies all around the world.

Our Values






Our Mission

Our Mission is to work with companies to identify, track, and manage inventory and assets with the use of advancing Barcode and RFID Technology. Our solutions increase visibility throughout the supply chain improving health and safety of employees and consumers around the globe. We work to eliminate inefficiencies and improve productivity in businesses to benefit our community and the world.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be your trusted expert for all Barcode and RFID technology products, services, software, support, and solutions to help your business achieve a competitive advantage with the most efficient supply chain that provides you and your end-users with amazing customer experiences.

Say Hello to the AB&R® Family

Mike Stryczek-blackwhite

Mike Stryczek

Gary Randall-blackwhite

Gary Randall

VP of Sales
Ray Torres-2-843×1024

Ray Torrez

VP of Technical Operations
Ted Morgan-blackwhite

Ted Morgan

VP of Strategic Development
Sharon Allen_bw

Sharon Allen

Accounting & HR Manager
Jennifer Hewlett-BW

Jennifer Hewlett

Operations Manager
Holly Alegria_bw
Holly Alegria
Inside Sales Representative
Kathy Bakas-blackwhite
Kathy Bakas
Project Manager
Krystina Beach-blackwhite
Krystina Beach
Marketing Communications Manager
Brett Bordes-blackwhite
Brett Bordes
Regional Account Manager - Northwest
Ryan Briscoe_bw
Ryan Briscoe
Logistics Coordinator
Shawn Christopherson-blackwhite
Shawn Christopherson
Software Solutions Architect
Pam Davies-blackwhite
Pam Davies
Project Manager
Brendan Davis-blackwhite
Brendan Davis
Regional Account Manager - Southern California
Marc Favela_blackwhite
Marc Favela
Hardware and Supplies Solutions Engineer
Tina Fyfe-blackwhite
Tina Fyfe
Accounting Manager
Justin Harmsen-blackwhite
Justin Harmsen
IT Support
Leslie Krech-bw-843×1024
Leslie Krech
Service Contract Coordinator
Brian Krueger-blackwhite
Brian Krueger
Regional Account Manager - Eastern Arizona, Utah, Nevada, and Colorado
Patrick Mahony-blackwhite
Patrick Mahony
Regional Account Manager - Eastern US
Ken McCurdy-blackwhite
Ken McCurdy
Inside Sales Representative
Corey Mercurio-blackwhite
Cory Mecurio
Lead Developer
Tricia Miller-blackwhite
Tricia Miller
Purchasing Manager
Paula Mitchell-blackwhite
Paula Mitchell
Inside Sales Manager
Liam Neils – bw – 843×1024
Liam Neils
Inside Sales Representative
Mike Nichols-blackwhite-843×1024
Mike Nichols
.Net Developer
Jason Pamon_BW
Jason Pamon
Ben Schneider – bw – 843×1024
Ben Schneider
Depot Service Repair Technician
Robyn Sheppard-blackwhite-2
Robyn Sheppard
Service Coordinator
Mark Steger-blackwhite
Mark Steger
Principal Solutions Architect
Alex Torres_bw
Alex Torres
Service Manager
Taylor Tutrone-blackwhite
Taylor Tutrone
Inside Sales Representative
Cedric Wiliams-blackwhite
Cedric Williams
Inventory Control
Riley Woods – bw – 843×1024
Riley Woods
Inside Sales Representative

The Services & Solutions we provide

Business Solutions

With the background and experience to see business issues from your perspective, AB&R® is committed to providing the right combination of technical innovation, performance, and cost-effectiveness. Your business solutions will integrate the best in advanced hardware components, supporting software and consumable supplies. In addition, our service options will carry you far beyond standard product warranties.


Technical Consultants

AB&R® Technical Consultants are chosen from experts in the industries they serve. They are trained by factory experts in proper application and support of technology. Regular factory training is mandatory for all Reps, to assure their clients of the right product to fit the client’s application. Whether your requirement is for a solution to a time and attendance problem, or if you need to integrate a barcode scanner with a scale for shipping; whether you need to track goods in process for manufacturing or add barcode tracking for order picking in a warehouse, our Technical Consultants have the experience to provide a trusted solution.


Dedicated Support

The AB&R® advantage… a staff of highly trained, knowledgeable professionals to provide expert care and service over the life of your data collection system. Contact our factory-authorized service center directly to answer your questions, use our email address, or reach us via an online chat. Utilizing our modern service facility, factory-certified technicians can provide immediate response to all of your repair and maintenance needs.


Long-Term Value

AB&R® offers confidence in the long-term value of your data collection system. As a business partner, we are dedicated to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction in sales and customer support. Let our experience and commitment to excellence put barcode technology to work for you today. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.