Solution Assessments

Solution Assessments
We approach every technology requirement with a thorough process to appropriately analyze and address the pain points in your business. Our team will take the time to understand your business in order to put into place a proven solution with program development and processes to meet and exceed your business needs.

To achieve this success with our clients, AB&R® uses a Systems Requirement and Design Study (SRDS). An SRDS is a comprehensive research and design tool that results in the creation of a baseline document outlining the steps, procedures, risks, and deliverables associated with a defined scope of work.

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  • Save Money. Programming a “moving target” is a very costly effort. Re-work is one of the most expensive aspects of any technology implementation. An SRDS eliminates much of the cost of re-programming during installation because the “discovery” phase of development is conducted before any work begins. This diligence protects both the client and AB&R®.
  • Manage Time. The step-by-step procedural framework of an SRDS ensures better planning and time management. Meetings during implementation can be reduced; delivery milestones can be forecasted and achieved. Project completion dates can be set with certainty.
  • Ensure Accuracy. An SRDS eliminates “scope creep”. What is specified in the document is what is delivered, thereby ensuring that the final product meets all agreed-upon elements from the beginning of the project. An SRDS is meticulously designed and explicitly followed.


  • Save time and money by knowing exactly how to solve your problem
  • Ensure the most accurate solution
  • Our dedicated team understand your business needs

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