Project Management


A lot of business projects involve large-scale planning that affects all the departments or areas of a business. Executing a major project could mean there is a need to deal with human resources, budgetary and supply constraints. Professional project managers are skilled in project management techniques which are capable of dealing with one-time projects. They can devise plans to manage and control interdependent activities and address resource conflict. Businesses that use project management to monitor and control the total process and schedules can more effectively complete their projects on time and on budget.

AB&R® has a project management team whose members engage customers in pre-deal discussions of what’s possible, what the technologies are capable of, what their expectations are, what they think the design of the solution should look like—everything. Then we move forward and put it in writing. It not only gets rid of many pre-conceived notions; it prevents scope creep, which can turn a project quickly into a disadvantage for us and our client.


  • Investigative discovery and detailed scope of the work
  • AB&R® project managers will work with you to keep your projects on-time and within budget
  • We will guarantee service levels for technical support, on-site repair and hot-spare replacements based on project requirements


  • Supplement AB&R® Project Managers into your team
  • Assistance in various phases of project timeline including planning, implementation, training, and more
  • Status reporting on key operational metrics