RFID Site Survey

Purpose of an RFID Site Survey

The ultimate purpose of an RFID Site Survey is to validate that a customer’s requirements for an RFID enabled system can be met through:

  • The physical installation of RFID reader equipment and tags at strategic points in the facility
  • The configuration of the software solution that will interface with this hardware
  • Translation of the events generated by the hardware into meaningful information for the end users



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RFID Site Surveys are completed by experienced RFID Engineers and include:

  • On-site visits to each location within the facility that have been identified as areas that need RFID read points
    •  If these areas have not yet been identified the engineer will work with the end users to identify the requirements they are trying to satisfy in order to make a recommendation for what areas to target for RFID in order to best make use of the technology
  • The engineer brings various RFID test equipment along in order to test performance in the customer’s environment
    • This ensures that the installed system will perform as expected
    • This also helps to identify any environmental interference that may be present at the location
  • The engineer will identify and document the physical characteristics of the environment
  • The engineer will validate that the proposed install locations adhere to the limitations of the RFID gear
  • The engineer will gather photographs of the various locations for inclusion in the Survey Documentation
  • The engineer will identify and document the recommended mounting locations for all readers and antennas

    • These recommendations will be based on experience gained from previous installations in order to maximize performance of the installed system
  • The engineer documents the critical parameters of each read point using the RFID Site Survey Form
  • The ultimate deliverable of the activity is a detailed document that outlines specifically how the RFID equipment should be physically installed and how the software system should be configured so that the customer requirements are met


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