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AB&R® Manufactures Custom Asset Labels to Your Exact Specs.

Equipment and asset accountability/tracking can be maintained utilizing a high quality, durable barcode label. Keeping track of company assets such as machinery, office equipment, furniture, fixtures, tooling, and vehicles are a high priority in today’s high tech environment.

We offer blank , pre-printed, and custom labels along with additional media supplies and accessories. With labeling solutions to fit any requirement large or small, our in-house team of label specialists can assist you in selecting the materials, adhesives, and barcode/rfid technology you’re looking for. Additionally, we can even provide assessments, setup, installation, and management services.

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We provide label applications for:
  • Fixed Asset Tracking
  • Asset Inventory Control
  • Harsh Environment Labeling
  • Cold Storage
  • High Temperatures
  • Healthcare

Label Solutions for Any Industry

No matter what industry your organization falls into, AB&R® has the experience to recommend the right solution for your specific needs.


Common Label Types and Applications:

Asset labels and tags
Durable materials to withstand extreme temperatures. Aggressive adhesives for varying profiles including engineered polymers, aluminum, wood, plastics, and steel. asset label and tagAsset Tag 2Asset Label 2
Serial and Rating Plate Labels
Eliminate lead time with on-demand printing of serialized rating plates. Available in varying types of metallized polyester durable for electrical equipment. rating-plate-identification
Barcode and Tracking Labels
For tracking assets and inventory with software and barcode scanning solutions.  Barcode and Tracking Labels
Inventory and WIP Labels
Inventory and Work in Progress (WIP) are great for tracking scheduled maintenance, calibration, color coding stock, providing employee safety with colored labels, and more. Durable materials are available for harsh environments and rough/powder-coated surfaces.  Inventory and WIP Labels
High Temperature and Circuit Board Labels
Polyimide – made to withstand heat and chemicals, PCB (or circuit board labels) include anti-static and auto-apply applications.  High Temperature Labels
DOD UID Labels
Designed to meet MIL-STD-130N standards and comply with UII marking policies, these are permanent and durable to withstand extreme environments. UID Labels
Equipment Identification Labels
Equipment and machine information to assist personnel with maintenance tasks and improve safety. Resistance to high temperatures, abrasion and chemicals. Equipment_Identification_Labels_r1
Product and Component Identification Labels
Meet the requirements of today’s manufacturers and have been tested to meet or exceed the highest quality. Multiple material and adhesive options are available – including removable labels. product and component id_r1
General ID Labels
Meet the exact requirements your business needs with the most heavy-duty material and aggressive adhesives that have been proven to last on almost any industrial surface.  General ID labels


Common Label Applications:

Rack Bin Barcode Labels
Applications: Rack Bin Location Labeling, Shelf Bin Location Labeling, Cover-up Labels, Colored-Tier Identification, Totem or Multi-Level, Magnet, Directional Arrows, Cold Storage Facilities, Labels exposed to chemicals, cleaning fluids, Harsh environments. Warehouse Rack Bin Barcode Labels

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Vertical Rack Bin Labels
Applications: Rack Bin Location Labeling, Shelf Bin Location Labeling, 2 Dimensional Barcodes, Colored-Tier Identification, Magnet, Mounted on Placards, Directional Arrows, Cold Storage Facilities.
Pallet ID, Case ID, LPN Labels
High-Speed variable imaging labels to produce your short or long run Pallet ID-Case ID-LPN.

  • Features and Applications include: Pallet ID, Case ID, 2D Barcodes, Corner Wrap designs, removable and repositionable adhesives, freezer or frozen adhesives for application temps to -20 degrees Farenheit, Food & Cold Storage facilities, Color Coding, Company Logos, Auto-apply, Rolls – Fan-Fold – Sheets.
 Pallet ID, Case ID

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Tote Labels
Polyester Face Stock with heavy coat weight adhesive. You choose the proper over laminate to protect your label. A wide variety of laminates are available. Whether it is a Matte or Gloss Finish, has UV protective properties or perhaps a Lexan©, we will assist you in choosing the right combination of materials to ensure you realize years of continuous use.

  • Sizes: Choose a traditional 4 x 2 size, or select a format from our extensive die inventory.
  • Imaging: If it is a simple barcode or perhaps you want to incorporate a company logo, multi-color and all common barcode symbologies.

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Hanging Warehouse Barcode Signs
Durable, Low Cost, and Easy to Install. Scanning capabilities from 5 feet to over 50 feet, these signs are designed to be mounted in out-of-the-way locations (close to ceilings or on walls). Retro-reflective materials can allow forklift operators to scan without leaving the vehicle.Applications and Features include: Retro-Reflective, Staging Area, Bulk storage area, Scan capabilities from 50+ feet, 2D Barcodes, and custom designed bends or angles. Hanging warehouse sign

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Aisle and Dock Door Signs
Applications and Features include: Many sizes for indoors and out, end cap mounts, cube signs, flat hanging signs, and custom designed bends or angles. Aisle Signs in WarehouseAisle warehouse signDock Door Sign
Warehouse Floor Labels
Applications and Features include: Aluminum frames, oval designs, Polycarbonate Overlay, Kits that include all hardware, and pre-printed or print-your-own.  Floor Labels in Warehouse

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Common Label Applications:

Allergy Anesthesia Medication Labels & Tape Blood Labels
Allergy Label
 anesthesia medication labels Blood Label
Color Coded Labels Custom Labels Pharmacy Labels
Color Coded   Pharmacy Labels
*Patient ID Wristbands
Patient ID wristband


Common Label Applications:

Engineered to withstand the harsh environment of laboratories, our labels withstand xylene, alcohol, and extreme temperatures.

  • Chemistry
  • Cryogenic Storage
  • Cytopathology
  • Drug Discovery
  • Hematology
  • Histology
  • Microbiology
  • Research
  • Virology
Conical, Tube, and Vial  Glassware and Container Slide Label
Test Tube Label Glassware Label Slide Label

In-Stock and Same Day Shipping

AB&R® offers many types of labels in-stock and many are available for same-day shipping. Choose from our product catalog of all different types of sizes, colors, materials from blank to pre-printed. Request a pre-printed label quote.

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