Aerospace Manufacturing


In today’s extremely competitive and dynamic manufacturing industry, mobility, flexibility and accuracy are indispensable components of operations that can increase productivity, streamline processes and boost efficiency and quality control.

We deliver meticulous and integral solutions that give you a real-time view of all materials, parts and finished goods flowing through your manufacturing operations. That’s information you can use to optimize processes and maintain consistent quality control.

AB&R®’s aerospace manufacturing solutions help reduce errors and significantly increase productivity in manufacturing operations to:

  • Optimize processes
  • Ensure product pedigree
  • Maintain consistent quality control

Staying competitive in the Aerospace Manufacturing industry

Asset Management

Manufacturing plants incorporate a mix of fixed and moving assets, and to operate efficiently, it’s vital to know where everything is. Knowing where your most critical assets are at the right time can transform your business. Asset Management Solutions increase visibility, productivity and profitability by delivering real-time asset location and status. Aerospace manufacturing


Inventory Management

Use 2D barcodes, intelligent automation and RFID incorporating RTLS, GPS and sensoring to track and trace items as they move through the supply
chain. Enable full visibility into warehouse operations for receiving, pick, putaway, replenishment, packing, and shipping.inventory



Barcoding is one of the most cost effective tools that manufacturers can ensure data credibility and reduce the impact of human error. In manufacturing, the barcode contains internal information such as production line number, date of completion, materials used, serial numbers and miscellaneous quality control information. By scanning the label in the shipping department, the company can identify the exact inventory, in real-time, as well as the precise date and time that any product leaves the warehouse.scanning-from-forklift




Not only can you see where everything is, and what it’s doing, but you can also see everything relative to everything else. Business decisions are made in full awareness, with no surprises, leading to greater efficiencies and more ability to fulfill customer needs precisely while meeting your own business goals.fls



There are several locations you are working in on a regular basis and with today’s technology you can take it with you. By having the right products for all of your job functions accessible to you and your employees at all times will lead to an overall increase in productivity.

  • Rugged Handheld Scanners – Corded, Cordless, Bluetooth
  • Tablets, SmartPhones with Carrier enabled/managed optionszebra_wt6000_all
  • Fixed Mobile Devices on Forklifts
  • Industrial and mobile printers
  • Wearable, voice-enabled, and hands-free devices
  • Enterprise wi-fi access points and cabling
  • Sleds and device protector accessories

Printing & Labeling

Labeling systems for your warehouse may differ from other points in your manufacturing process. There are many compliance standards that must be upheld with the use of labels. Having the right label may not only be required for compliance but can also save time, reduce errors, and increase customer satisfaction.


Services & Support

Services and support should not be overlooked when considering improvements for your manufacturing process. Adding warranty plans can eliminate downtime and preliminary services such as a site survey, will help define the scope and clear solutions.

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