DistributionDistribution centers spend a considerable amount of time on the management of transportation systems. Centralizing control over the flow of operations is achievable by establishing a limited number of carriers, lowering freight rates, and having visibility into your transportation management system.

By leveraging technology solutions, Distribution Centers are now able to optimize inventory turnover, transportation flows, and fulfillment capabilities:

Asset Management

Equipment and personnel move through your facility all day to fulfill the needs of your organization. Technology to identify where critical parts, equipment, or even personnel are located at specific or in real-time increases efficiency and productivity of your facility. Asset Management systems and solutions work together throughout the entire supply chain from inside the four walls, to the yard, and the transportation from site to site.




Inventory Management

Improvements in the accuracy of inventory levels and the accuracy of all inventory processes are realized with inventory management solutions. These include barcodes, rfid, hands-free bluetooth and voice enabled technology. 


Track and trace shipments, inventory, and deliveries with barcodes. scan-barcode200x200




The benefits of RFID vary by application. RFID technology provides us with information in real-time allowing for up to date inventory levels, alerts and notifications to make us aware of low inventory for reorders or restocking, and more. RFID even allows your business to keep your workers safe with emergency management solutions and forklift safety systems.mustering-sign


Handheld scanners and computers easily increase the productivity and accuracy of your workers. There are many options available for rugged devices that are fixed or mobile, bluetooth, corded, or cordless, and many more.

  • Rugged Handheld Scanners – Corded, Cordless, Bluetoothwearables
  • Tablets, SmartPhones with Carrier enabled/managed options
  • Fixed Mobile Devices on Forklifts
  • Industrial and mobile printers
  • Wearable, voice-enabled, and hands-free devices
  • Enterprise wi-fi access points and cabling
  • Sleds and device protector accessories
  • Print and Apply Automated Labeling Systems

Printing & Labeling

Label requirements may differ from customer to customer and your business may need to ensure consistent positioning of all labels. Automation with print and apply can save you on returns from mislabeled shipments or charge back fees. Having the right label for your exact requirements can save you time and frustration.  print-and-apply-small


Services & Support

Services such as site surveys can evaluate the current state of your business and define the clear solution to exceed your expected ROI. Additional support with extended warranties, repairs, and training are valuable components to extend the life of products and get the most out of your investment.

Let’s talk about the solutions that are right for your DC.