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The benefits of beacons and how they work

Who knew Bill Gates had such clairvoyance on this issue? Understanding this truth, we must carefully decide which information technologies are best for our business. One innovation that stands out in linking information and business is Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) beacons. How do beacons work? Beacons work much in the same way as a lighthouse. They distribute a pulsing BLE […]

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Product Review: Hands-Free, Wearable Mobile Computers and Accessories

Handheld and wearable mobile computers are made with the comfort of the worker in mind. They enhance distribution processes through maximized productivity, efficiency and accuracy. To go with these, there are a wide variety of ring scanners, rugged headsets, and wearable accessories for specialized needs in a distribution. A few of them stand out above […]

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This graphic shows the benefits of using Android on rugged mobile computers.

Android™ Invades Rugged Mobile Computers

Take advantage of the little green robot making it easier to do business in your organization. There has been a recent uptick in Android™ enabled rugged mobile computers being used in the warehouse.  For a long time these devices ran almost exclusively on Windows based operating systems. Below we discuss the trends and reasons why […]

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These unloaded trucks are sitting in the yard waiting for their next trip.

Active vs Passive RFID Tags in Manufacturing

RFID technology is becoming more and more prevalent to manufacturers. RFID asset tracking is just one way companies are able to utilize RFID technology to help mitigate losses and drive efficiency. There are two main types of RFID tags; Active and Passive. Passive RFID tags only give off a signal when an antenna tells it to. Active tags are […]

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Scientist retrieving a vile from the cryogenic freezer.

Harsh Environment Labels

Labels Built to Withstand Anything Extreme environments call for extreme measures. The correct material, ribbon, and adhesive for your harsh environment labels is imperative for strong business operations. Your labels need to survive the journey from start to finish. AB&R® offers a broad range of high performance labels that match your needs. The seven high-durability labels listed […]

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This graphic highlights the key factors involved in choosing the proper labels for inventory and asset tracking management.

Choosing The Best Barcode Labels

How Barcode Labels Affect Your Business Accurate Item Identification and data acquisition is crucial in all industries. A simple labeling error can lead to extreme consequences. It affects your entire company; including customers, care givers, patients, and regulators. It’s important to ensure your company is utilizing the correct barcode label material, ribbon, and adhesive to prevent […]

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Beaconing and wearable technology

Beacons Using beaconing and wearable technology to improve your supply chain Beacon capabilities offer real-time asset locationing. Let’s simplify what that means. Beacons offer the ability to find or identify items and locations by sending a signal at the right time to make the user aware that they are in the right place or have […]

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Forklift Safety Solution Video

3 Steps to improve Forklift Safety: 1.) An RFID reader 2.) Associated RFID tags 3.) Warning light system Forklift operators have a lot to pay attention to. They need to lift heavy loads without dropping them, navigate narrow aisles, avoid obstacles, and they have to do it all quickly. The problem is; forklifts are notoriously […]

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Labels for Varying Applications

Labels for varying applications such as inventory, shipping, theft prevention, or overall traceability is necessary with today’s customer demands. How does your business label tools, parts, equipment, products, and inventory? We suggest following these initial steps on selecting the right barcode label: Match the Printer with the Media Match the label to the specific application […]

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Product Reviews: TC70, Dolphin 75e, and CT50

All designed for interchangeable environments, these handheld computers deliver power and performance in the workplace. Whether you are in the warehouse or in the field, the rugged smart phone-feel makes these products stand out. These devices are ideal for enterprises that need to communicate quickly, access information and are seeking to gain a competitive advantage over the competition. All […]

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