AB&R® Solution Process

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AB&R®’s goal is to provide you with an efficient operation that maximizes ROI. Our solution process ensures we exceed expectations for every customer. We follow a 3-phase approach described below. Our experience and knowledge over the past 35+ years helped us to define this process with the understanding that each business has unique needs and challenges. Solving specific challenges to improve your business’s overall productivity is what we do best.

Phase I: Site Survey & SRDS

During Phase I,  AB&R® experts analyze your operation and environment to begin developing a solution. It starts with a site survey which allows our team to understand exactly how your business works.

Once the site survey is complete, we move into the System Design Requirement Study (SRDS). During the SRDS our team will determine exactly what hardware and software work best in your environment.

After that’s established, we move into the testing phase.

Phase II: Pilot

Once all the data is gathered from Phase I, the pilot phase can begin. At this point, our team of engineers will begin placing and testing equipment. As the solution is tested, more data accumulates, and our team will make the adjustments to achieve the expected outcome.

Once the pilot has met the expected requirements we move into Phase III.

Phase III: Implementation

The problem has been assessed, a solution has been developed, and rigorously tested. We are ready for Phase III, full implementation. This includes installing all of the hardware, wiring, software, and training your team to comfortably handle all of the new tools they’ll be using on a regular basis.

AB&R® provides future follow up strategies to validate the performance of the solution and evaluation of ROI.


Want to solve an operational problem your company is facing? Give us a call at 800-281-3056 or leave your contact info below.


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