Time Attendance

There are currently many employers who enjoy the rewards of an automated time and attendance system. Many employers have resisted the move to automate the time and attendance portion of their organization. There are quite a few reasons why this resistance exists, but one of the main reasons has to do with people’s perception of automated time and attendance systems.

Such systems are often regarded as an attempt by “Big Brother” to monitor the whereabouts of individuals. Automated time and attendance systems are even viewed as insulting to some employees; they believe that by utilizing electronic timekeeping, their employers don’t trust them. While that may be true in certain cases, most employers are more interested in reducing the labor and costs associated with manually keeping track of employee attendance. By making employees aware of the benefits of automating the timekeeping process, employers can confidently take the necessary steps to improve their operational efficiencies.

In addition to easing the workload of the payroll department, an automated time and attendance system can benefit other departments as well. The operations department will be able to examine labor efficiency and utilization, while sales managers can accurately determine the historical labor cost of a position. Companies using an automated time and attendance solution have the ability to reduce unplanned overtime and allow accurate distribution of labor charges.

Furthermore, companies will no longer need to modify their time and attendance processes to accommodate another provider’s structure. AB&R Card has developed a solution which provides any organization with the versatility and flexibility in structuring a time and attendance solution that meets their needs.

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